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Asterix, stamps framed Guernsey 1992


Asterix framed stamps from Guernsey issued in 1992. Please note the text on the stamps is in Italian . The stamps show 'Operation Asterix' on a cargo ship sailing to Guernsey. The text on the stamp reads

The construction of the ship
The loading of the ship
The ship at sea
A fire breaking out on the ship
The ship sinking though the crew and some cargo are saved.

The remains of a Roman Ship were found in Guernsey Harbour in the 1980s. Though Roman, the ship was probably crewed by Gauls just like Asterix and his friends and built at roughly the same time, the 2nd Century AD in which the stories are set. Consequently the ship became known as ‰Û÷Asterix‰۪ and the process of raising it ‰Û÷Operation Asterix‰۪.

The stamps are attributed to Ren̩ Goscinny and Albert Uderzo and in true Asterix style tell the story of the voyage as far as can be discovered from the wreck, The first stamp shows the ship being built, the second loading the cargo of wheat, tiles and pitch as found in the wreck, the third sailing the high seas, the fourth the ship catching fire also discerned from the wreck and finally that some of the cargo and the crew were saved which is also likely since the ship reached the harbour before sinking.